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The use of the world kluge is a perfect description of the tinkering and layering of technologies that make up the human mind the author does a great job describing how we arent often as logical and as precise as we assume we arekluge the haphazard construction of the human mind gary marcus boston ma houghton mifflin 2008 224 pages isbn 0618879641 hbk 2400 gary marcus provides an engaging argument for the two part view that the mind is a kluge and that its therefore not created by an intelligent designer aka god this argument whilekluge the haphazard construction of the human mind 38 out of 5 based on 0 ratings 6 reviews guest more than 1 year ago whoever wrote the preceding review obviously doesnt pay attentionthe author was never self contradictory at allhe said we dont have postal code memory where every memory has an address like a computerif evolution had kluge is a slang term for a clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem in this new book psychologist gary marcus argues that the human mind itself is a kluge and then goes on to discuss how this explains why you cant remember the name of that woman from your yoga class when you run into her at the movie theaterthe mind is not an elegantly designed organ but a kluge a clumsy cobbled together contraption think duct tape not supercomputer in a tour through some fundamental areas of human experience memory belief decision making and happinessit is revealed the many ways our minds fall short

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