Become A Renewable Energy Powered Business

Renewable energy is all the rage in 2015. The UK government is helping both individuals and businesses switch to renewable sources, including pv solar panels, mainly due to the ease to install as well as the proximity of solar companies. The reasons for this is that a “greener Britain” is good. I mean if we become more eco friendly then David Cameron can go to his G8 Summits and say “look at us, we are eco-powered” and get some great hand shakes from France and other countries who care. But for me and you as small business owners, is it worth the plunge?

solar panels UK

solar panels UK

Well we did some testing and in true Sponsorship advice fashion have some great numbers for you. The first of which is: YES, in the current economic and Government grant situation (if you live in the UK of course) it is 100% worth you converting to solar energy or other renewable energy forms! The reason? Is as always it saves you lots of money on your electricity bill, but more than this, it allows you to qualify for loans, grants and funding from the government more easily….Do I have your attention now? Thought so!

Anyway, aside from the obvious ethical reasons to switch to solar, their are other ones that people always always forget.

The first is your prospects and potential clients! If they see you are helping the envionment and doing everything you can to become more green and environmentally friendly. ALL OTHER THINGS EVEN, they will go with you over a competitor! This is a huge factor for you as its another win-win, new clients and you get to take them away from your direct competition.

The second is that when you come to eventually sell your business, having these is a HUGE asset to you, potential prospects love low-overhead businesses. Would you rather have a business that spends £20,000 a year on energy or one that spends nothing?!

The third is that these are great for marketing. Release a press release about your news solar panels and watch people come to you “because of it”. Most of our customer can either see or know about our panels and it’s also a great way to pick up random visitors to your store or start a conversion with a new potential energy