Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Taking your online promotions to the next level!

Social Media Marketing Ideas

When it comes to digital marketing everyone seems to get a bit crazy. Sure SEO is great and ranking in Google is pretty much the only thing you need when it comes to making a buck. But the fact of the matter is that SEO is not enough any-more, you have to be socially active, not so you can look like a brand or a big business, although that is pretty important too, but instead so you can convert potential clients that check everything (including your facebook page) into paying highly profitable customers!

As was said on: there is a reason you spent a lot of money on your website design and it wasn’t so you can have a nice place to go when you feel lonely!! It was so you could make some sales and convert potential clients. BUT a very important aspect to remember is that growing online is not just about making a good website and firing as many visitors as you possibly can at it. Instead you also have to tick off the other boxes, such as social media marketing, or you can just cheat by buying the relevant followers, the decision is up to you but be warned that buying twitter followers in the UK at least is highly frowned upon and against the T&Cs of the business. So instead this is what we recommend:

1.) Create active social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google plus are the most common ones and all you need really.

2.) Grow these accounts – You can do this through 2 ways – the first is advertising, all of the below have platforms you can promote your brand too, facebook is seen as the best with the “Like” metric but followers on Twitter are also pretty good too.

A useful infographic

3.) Keep these people engaged – The best way to keep people engaged on your website is to have free stuff! Do the same with your twitter and facebook profiles, simply offer something that people will want to constantly check your FB page and keep going back and liking what you are posting. This is the way you can grow exponentially.

Below is another good info graphic if you’d like to check it out:

Another Useful Twitter follower infographic