[Sponsored Post] Quadcopters and the Future of Flight

This is a sponsored post on something I thought would be really interesting to our readers. It’s about the growing drone and quadcopter market. More specifically the UDI u818a model and how it has changed the way we not only think about flight, but how we think about VR too! It’s an interesting post and I hope you enjoy it.


Above is an image from one of the most popular products of 2016. It’s called theĀ udi-u818a and its a quadcopter (hence the four blades you can see) but it goes into the drone category on Amazon. These are great, heck we write about them on our blog tons! But there is something more than this that most people aren’t even thinking about. It’s the concept that comes with drones. To understand we have to think outside the box.

Let’s take what drones were 5 years ago. When you said a drone did you think of the image below? The huge government spy drones that could fly over bases without being detected by radars, but also pick up great imagery of the surrounding areas? This was serious technology.


Then someone had the idea that consumers would like to have this ability too. So they made them smaller, less powerful, consumable, cheaper and generally lower quality but so that people could use them and either a.) Get great pictures. For example the wildlife shots that have come from drones is quite incredible. Or b.) They could pretend to be a spy and actually “spy” on other people. Either way, they sold extremely well. But if you ask me, this is just the start. There are 2 ways that we should be going with drones and quadcopters. One is likely to happen in the next 2-3 years. The other is more powerful but its a longer term model.

Drone Transportation

Something that isn’t spoken about enough is how quadcopters can be used for transportation. They have already been used for this (although most of the time this is illegal) but its just a matter of time until some industries see the power of this model. Amazon’s same day delivery for smaller items could be delivered via drones. All with semi-automated software. The only issue (as to why this isn’t already happening) is safety. For example if a drone doesn’t make it to a location. But this will be on the market very soon! Watch the space!

The Future of Human Transportation

When I bring up this point most people actually laugh it off. How can drones (those tiny 4 bladed devices) ever be used to transport actual people across town/country/the world. Well obviously when it happens they will not look the same, but the theory and more importantly the NEED is already there. People are getting more and more impatient. Think about Uber and how profitable and successful that company is. It worked because there was a need. But anyway the future will be individual person travel using drones (you heard it here first!)

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