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There’s a lot of people who don’t know what we were involved in prior to sponsorship advice .org, so I wanted to talk about the major elements we used to do, from a business point of view and also more personally too.

I used to run a company that specialised in timber reclamation, this was based in the UK and we made some good money and didn’t really have to “work” that much. We loved what we did and didn’t really see an end in site, but then 2008 happened and things got a lot worse. Nowadays we set up businesses that are not only systematised, but ones that are also immune to these economic downturns. For example if you think about our flooring business, even if people have no money they still need to have industrial flooring, there are legal requirements behind this, this means that even if “another 2008” were too happen, we would be fine.

In our wood reclamation business we made a lot of contacts, ones that we have kept over the years too. Even through thick and thin these people have stood by us and allowed us to start a new business without the pressure of failing. Although most people fail, if you are extremely confident in what you are doing, there is no way you will fail. Knowledge + confidence is infinite in business, and life for that matter. If you truly believe in what you do, you truly believe it will succeed and you have the knowledge and education in your specific field to back that up, then you will not only succeed, you will thrive.

There were a few elements pre-business that I also wanted to talk about. The first is when I was 22 I was very ill, I had issues with my knees and lungs. All this is sorted today and there is no reason why you shouldn’t sort out what issues you have and still go on to be successful, even if everyone says you should be qualifying for disabilities or whatever. Go on to be the best version of yourself you can be, do not set your standards based on other people.

We even have a part time business called ghost betting but that’s a different story!

be the best version of yourself

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