A Personal Story about Security (And a Lesson Learnt)

business-burglaryOK, this starts with a story. In 2016 we were robbed. Most of our technical equipment was stolen and we ended up losing ¬£20,000 worth of stock. tech and other items. It was an incredibly stressful and trying experience for me personally but also on the business. As we didn’t have 20k to reinvest into the company. This as a result made everything slow down with the business and hence the business ended up recovering for about 6 months, hence progress that we had made in the 18 months before was lost. Not a good few months at all.

Instead of just complaining about it I wanted to write about how we reacted and what we did to prevent this in the future. Theft is such a huge issue for businesses but its something that no one really talks about. For example if you had 50% of your stock stolen, or even just damaged how would you react? Would you be OK, would the business go under? What would happen.

Also another aspect to remember is that your employees might not be who you think they are. This was our issue. The individual who stole our equipment was eventually caught and it turned out he was a very close friend of one of our employees, who he had used to access the building, but the issue is we only had keys and cameras, hence we had no way to know who it was (hoods were used when burglary was taking place). But we changed a number of things to prevent this happening ever again.

the-solutionOur Solution

We took a number of steps to ensure this never happened again. The first step was to improve the locks on all the doors. Previously we had only single block locks. These can be easily kicked through by anyone who wants to break into a premise. Instead we had triple D-locks on all doors, this meant that our weak points were now our strong points as these are very difficult to get through, even with a metal bumper.


The access systems

The next step was knowing who was entering the business at any time. As we run a 18 hour business there are different people who lock up and open up in the morning. We wanted to know who was who, as a result we contacted a security company called Nortech Control and asked them what they recommended. Their response was to go with something like a door access system, this way we could see which individuals came in and out of the business without having to monitor cameras.

This was very important for the future, this means that now if we are triggered that an individual is trying to enter the business with an employees card, we can simply call the employee and ask for a reason why they are trying to get in, and if they are in fact trying to.

If they state they are not and they have lost their card then we can manually block entry and then obviously call the police. A very effective, robust system for anyone who doesn’t want this to happen to them. There are also upgraded options for larger businesses and even bio-metric options too, but personally this would have been overkill for us.

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