Sponsoring a Local Business – Case Study

In August we decided to run a case study of what happens when we sponsor a business. We decided to choose Bennett Glass, a SASH and stained glass repair man based in Nottingham. He’s a OMG (one man gang) but wanted to scale his online promotions but didn’t have the capability to do it. This was a £1,000 sponsorship and the results speak for themselves, Mr Bennett has now had 5+ responses in August all from the online promotion effort. This means that the promotions would have paid for themselves. Never under estimate the power of online marketing.

HQ SEO Local SEO CardiffThe individuals we hired for this promotions were HQ SEO, a Cardiff based SEO agency with some very good online marketing skills. We used their local seo services for Bennett and a re-design which came to a bargain price of £1000! Seems though Mr Bennett has already had 5 stained glass repair jobs (totally approximately £800), I think the promotions speak for themselves! Best of all, this was a one-time fee, which means he will continue to get business through this promotion effort.

We wanted to make an article on this case study for 2 reasons. The first was to convince people that marketing DOES WORK! No longer can you just rely on your location or reviews/word of mouth to create a successful business. 80% of start ups go broke in the first 2 years because of this exact point, they believe the statement “build it and they will come” Except the problem is they don’t!

Anyway that’s enough of this, its turning into rant territory. My main point is this: investing especially in online marketing is expensive BUT the results are worth it. Find a good company and the results will pay for themselves.

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