Guest Post: Branding Your Business RANT

Another guest post today on the importance of branding your business in the right theme. This post is by the guys over at the London branding division.

Over 500 start ups go under every single day! That’s a crazy metric to comprehend. Why shouldn’t you be one of them? Well the answer is simply = YOU WILL BE! Unless you can ATTRACT enough customer and clients to survive!

Harsh? But true!

We believe that the best way to do this is to be different. I’m not going to write an article on how to get funding for your business as the team at already have that covered. Instead I’m going to talk about what we have done and what we had problems with along the way. And yes this does turn into a rant so if you are against ranting about your business (which I’m guessing your not) then you should leave. If not, let’s get started.

Why Branding Is Important

We are a branding agency and our job is to convince people that branding is extremely important for their business!?



Our job is to teach them that without it, they will never be remembered.

There are 2 things that are guaranteed in life…. Death and taxes.

We can’t control either of those, so let’s play on people’s fear of both, but instead let’s switch the emphasis to: MONEY and TIME.

Ever heard the phrase time is money? Well its true and as we get older we start to realise it even more. But if you have 1 you most of time don’t have the other. Got both? Well done, you are a SUCCESS!

Success Image

So how does this come back to you me and our businesses?

It’s simple, we have to convince people that without us they will not be successful. As success = Time + Money. If you can convince someone you can give them 1 of these 2 things then you will likely be a good marketer. If you can convince people you can give them both, then you are a legendary marketer!

Walk into a meeting and say “I will give you 10 minutes to listen to me” What do you do, you instantly remove the control from the prospect. I know this takes balls of steel but there is no reason why you can’t do it. And after 10 minutes (even if you presentation is not complete) say are you ready to sign up. This is a very odd but extremely successful way of doing business.

The next step is to show them how you saved someone both money and time. Think of it from the businesses perspective. Hi we are going to save you time, which will save you money, oh and also we are going to make you money…. So yeah!

Never forget the foreign market either! Hablar De Dinero makes a killing from translating their make money online content into Spanish!

If they believe you then they will say yes to any price you quote. You save us 4 years and 10,000 hours of staff time, sure we will pay you £100,000. It’s stupid not to as you save them £150,000. Oh and also in this time we should be able to generate a 200% return on investment. Which means we can earn your business £200,000. So this means over 4 years this business is saving £150,000 and earning £200,000 whilst at the same time paying you only £100,000.

I’ll leave you with one final sentence: BE SMART!

be smart

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